I wish tomorrow will be holidays

Hello holla all peeps there. Can u still remember me ? Or ... Ok. lately im rarely open my blog. I dont know why. Maybe because I have my own personal diary. hikhikk.

Days after days, I can feel the pressure for preparing my examinations. Especially SPM. I don`t know why. Hard for me to say my position.

Ouh . Yeah. I`m free now. Test 1 have been finished, last week. Heewww. Just test 1 only. *fuhh* Really hard to say about the quetions. EASY ? HARD ? all unpredictable. Sincerely, I`am happy what i have got for my results. Dad say that this just an opening for me to success.

So. I hope that tomorrow will be school holidays. Forever and ever. Hah. Just in my dream. Tomorrow, grr i will face the music with BM paper. *meeww*Serious, BM was quite difficult. hikhikk.

What im going to do on my school holidays? I have plan a lot to fullfill my time by doing excercise. BUILD UP MUSCLE !*BRAIN* hikhik. but.. but.. my percentages of laziness increase dramatically like a artifically passive acquired immunity *biology* .Grr.. busy watching television really make me addicted. Lols.

Ok. Im now starting blabling without any points of view. Just annoying .

excited waiting for school breaks. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.mmisshe. ekekeee..