Bismillah and Assalamualaikum, WASSUP allsss yawww. muaahhhaaahh

Dila, Dila Dila, stop act like a child , Today i am being crazy with Han is and Harry. Three of us like a crazy persons who laugh non stop ! This all starting from Harry, the most guys that really weird ! He is being like a nice beautiful and honest GIRL, repeated GIRL GIRL GIRL. I am sure, you all know what I meant , right ?

okeh, please stop talking about this, cause it will make me laugh laugh and laugh continuously.

And the most important thing that i gonna share is = I am in fever ! yeah ! I love it you know !

hey my MR Elmo . thank you so much for making me smile . love you. HAHA

I`m gonna off from the laptop after my brother`s wedding. YEAH ! please, i am really hope, GET OUT FROM THIS LAPTOP. just make me addicted with you la ! I have my own new lover. add-math (*.*)

please, pray for me to Out from being addicted to my laptop.
hello ! we are divorced k ? grr

Ya Allah, please remind me when I am starting forget about you, cause , i will never stop thinking and put You . FIRST in my life,


please, don't bother me . I am not interested with you anymore. I m not hate you, but, you make me like a ball that can easily play by the cheers Children. Stop acting being good in front me
i just can accept you as a friend. please, understand what i meant.grr.
sigh =='
pst * ouh yea ! dude ! I have know everything. so , no need to explain anymore =='
happy with your lying.
I m never and ever feel dissapointed.
or regret
cause i know, i have Allah that always being care with me and all of we
i hope that , you will be happy what ever with you do



HAPPY and JOY with Hanis n HArry

ouh. yeah ! for AIMAN ,sorry bro ! lately, i am busying preparing my brother`s weeding . by the way, i will help you for the new edit on your blog k ?