just a short post

Assalamualaikum n a very good morning @ noon. hihi. Hye alls, how are you today ? hopefully all in good. Ok. TOday, im just post a short entry. Yeah a short but mybe a lot of pictures.

School holidays will be end around the corner. I`m happy n happy. *heeewwheeeww*
So, lately, my friend and i have spent time together for studying. And, of coz we will miss this memorable time that we spent.

so, we spent a lot of time in my mini library. Ok, i could beat that his homeworks like a pound of _____ hehe. And, the best thing, i could get a free paper with a lot of questions. Yess without any charge. thanks uuu. haha

he blacken his eyes. really look annoying.what ever .

mine lovely spectacles. anywhere. pink was the awsome . *heemmoheemmmoo*

After we make our mind dizzy n dizzy with formula n the organs of human n bla bla bla. we are going to be like a crazy frog. *dushhdushhh*

and i reply him for the best tagline !

fair right ? *winkkk*

and the most serious thing that we have thought about......

maybe a different of that subjects.-..-

and after finished up all his hoemworks. n some revision. we enjoy making a brownie chocolateeeeeeeee cake. errk is it brownie ? i think so. ..

the cake was lookin good right ? but maybe it too soft. -..- *first trying*

Hmm. ok. new year with a new mission. YEAh.