New Environment

Assalamualaikum and hye alls. Well. it has been a long time im not updating my bloggie. Well, life is getting much more busy. Yess. really busy. huhu. So, who miss me? *eeeww. lol.

Im 18th now, and i am adapting a new environment. University Life Style !! . I have been placed in the UiTM Puncak Alam, and im quiet happy cause i got my second choice.-Occupational Theraphy. Alhamdulilah. Thanks to Allah.

Im sure.. theres will be a lot of questions... i meant.. same questions that the readers gonna to ask. What is OT. ?? Right ? hehe.

Theres a lot of questions...

1)What is OT ?
2)Why you are taking OT?
3)Why you dont want choose asasi?
4)Why you dont want further study in accountacy in Australia.

and so many questions. And i will answer all the questions on my next post. hewwheew. so chillex right now.Im gonna share something new here.

Talk about environment, for short-culture shock ! Haa. whats that ? Im sure most of us know the meaning of culture-shock, right ?

Since i have been here, Palam. I have learnt a lot about life. Yess. A lot ! Repeat again.. A LOT .
Im gonna make this post simple.

1) I felt that im on my way to be a matured-stage. Yess. Really really ! sometimes, new environment thought us to be more matured. away from being like childish, and since that, i am really miss my child-hood. ekekee. see that ?!

2) Im being more independent. Wake up early in the morning. Make my own breakfast-always a cup of milo and biscuits.Then waiting bus at the bus stop to go to my campus, puncak alam. Since i need to stay puncak perdana until early of this July. huhu.

3) Washing my own cloth ! lalalaaa. heheh.

4) Manage my budget. You gonna really really care about your financial when you need to pay your reference books ! It was likeee. hwhatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ??! hmm my anatomy book about RM100. haha. k bye. 

5) Manage time. Really important. My weekday was really packed with classes. 8.30 in the morning until 6.20 of evening. See that? how much i spent my time.. the whole day in the campus. But, actually it was fun.

6) I have a lot of friends. ekeke. lol.

7) More focus on lecture classes. because ? like seriously.. you gonna feel like driving Formula 1 in the class. was like ZUPPPP in 2 hours. 1 topic for 2 hours. hmm. hmm. think it by yourselves. 

So, for juniors there. i just having a short brief about new environment. im not taking too much on the reall life story . kihkihh. but, experienced build us more. lewwl. so. im gonna further more on the next post. dadd aaaaaa. much miss uoll. muahx !

Psttt. Insta ? : Dila Latiff.